mr_nosey (mr_nosey) wrote in stripperfiend,


Anyone know what that perfume is that all strippers seem to wear? That sweet powdery scent is super sexy and I'd love to get some for my girlfriend.
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It's just a mix of about 50 different cheap body sprays and lotions. With people spraying stuff all the time in the dressing room, the smells get mixed up. Cigarette smoke in the air confuses the nose even further. There's no official Eau de Stripper.
The one I'm talking about is very sweet smelling and reminds me of baby powder (but doesn't smell like baby powder). Anyway, its hot!
I *am* a stripper, and I'm telling you, there isn't a "one" you can buy. It's how it comes off with all the smells mixing in the air. Everyone thinks we wear some special thing but it's just a variety of body sprays and perfumes.
ps hope I don't sound bitchy, I don't mean to be!
you don't. ;-)
The girls at two clubs I go do mix in the perfume with baby oil, and spread it all over. That might be what you're smelling. It's good, isn't it?