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Lost opportunity?

[x-posted on my LJ. i know this community seems pretty dead but i felt the need to talk to someone about it, since barely anyone reads my journal...]

Damn. I got a phone number from a stripper -- so I could call her and we could "hang out" sometime (and she said she was single now) -- but I lost it :(

But perhaps it's just as well, seeing as I have a girlfriend...

But damn.

Then again, what is this fascination I have with dating strippers?

And should I go back and get it from her again?

I haven't posted in a while. That's because I've been a "good boy" -- not frequenting any strip clubs or escort services. But yesterday around 6pm I was craving the feel of naked female flesh under my hands. I didn't go to the usual strip club, but instead went to my previous favourite. It's more low-key there, dark and atmospheric.

Of course, that early, there weren't that many dancers. A cute blonde was on stage, undulating in a most sexy manner. After her dance, I tried to get her attention, but she went off with another patron. I watched another dancer, but while she was pretty and had a nice body, she barely moved: she just walked slowly around the stage. Movement is important to me.

Then I spotted another dancer on the floor, at a distance. I couldn't even really tell what she looked like, except that she is a slim brunette with medium-length hair. At this point I didn't care, I was so jonesing for naked flesh. I caught her eye and she came over. We barely chatted before we headed off to a private booth.

At first I thought we didn't have much of a connection, but we warmed up very quickly. The lapdance was very sensual. She slid her naked breasts over my face, allowing me to kiss and lick and suck on her nipples. She slid her hands underneath my shirt to play with my nipples, too, which got me really hot. She also rubbed her naked pussy against my bare stomach, which felt incredible.

After many dances, she smiled and told me I was cute and how she really enjoyed dancing for me. She doesn't usually enjoy lapdances, she said, but I got her hot-- it turned her on how much I was getting turned on. Also, she said I was a gentleman, not like most patrons, grabbing her roughly everywhere.

She knew that she was going to have to go on stage soon, so she had to stop now. But, she told me, if I was around later in the evening, and if she wasn't busy, she'd give me a few more dances for free.

"You don't come here often, do you?" she then asked.
"I should give you my phone number..." At this point I was expecting her to tell me to call her so I would know when she was dancing. Or, perhaps, that she was also an escort, and to call her for that. But she continued: "Maybe if you want you could call me and we could hang out sometime?" I nodded, a bit confused. "I just like to have fun, you know? And I'm single now, after 12 years. He was talking about marriage. Screw that."

Twelve years? "I'm 28," she said. I thought she looked a lot younger.

Then she gave me her number and I entered it into my phone. I thought I saved it... but later that evening, I discovered that I hit the wrong button and hadn't saved it after all :(

So now I don't know what to do. Should I go back and get it from her again, or is that seem too lame? When she asked whether I went there often, was it because she didn't want to date someone who went to her workplace often? If I go there again to soon, would that make me a frequent patron in her eyes?
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