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A hot experience in Toronto

This happened at a strip club in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this past Sunday night... (this entry adapted from my entry in my DiaryLand diary).

Her name was 'Dannika', I think (it was hard to hear the DJ). She really caught my eye -- short reddish hair, the cutest button nose, a spiked collar, black bra and g-string. She was about 20 or so. She looked hot.

She put on a very energetic and dynamic stage show. And HOT. At one point she dripped saliva down onto her pussy, rubbed it with her finger, then licked her finger clean.

I figured she would be mobbed after her stage show so I did my best to get her attention. I managed to grab her as she walked by -- I complimented her on her stunning dance. She thanked me, and said that she had been looking for me (we'd made eye contact while she was on stage), did I want a private dance now? Yes.

She started out asking me to scratch her back, hard and fast, to "get her going." Then she started the dance proper. After removing her clothing, she turned around and spread my legs and pressed herself against my body and brought her face right up to mine and licked my lips lightly. WOW! She did this many times during the dance, along with a couple of actual soft kisses, including one brief full-on french kiss... lovely...

Our hands were all over each other. She had very nice, very soft breasts. I loved the little noises she made; growls, purrs, etc. She unbuttoned my shirt and played with my nipples... even licked her finger and using her wet finger to do so... wowowow. She also played with my penis a LOT through the fabric of my pants. That was SO nice... including putting her mouth on it (!) and humming (!!) or something... several times. WOW.

She really knew how to get me going. I wished I had more money...
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