shinydome (shinydome) wrote in stripperfiend,

stripping experience

my girlfriend eba and i were at a german stripper club. eba is nearly as tall as me with 6'1', i'm 6'3". despite our height we love to wear very high-heeled platform shoes.
then suddenly our eyes became wide. on the stage appeared an even taller stripper like us, about 6'5" tall. she also wore high-heeled plats, which increased her height to incredible 7' or so. she had very long, suntanned legs, medium sized beautiful white breasts and an also white and adorable ass. she was shaved smooth and we could see her pierced clit.
nearly at the end of the show she suddenly pulled off her red wig and showed us her smooth suntanned shaved head. first we were shocked, but soon we adored her incredible tall stature.
both me and eba soon shaved our heads when we came back home and still have shining bald heads.
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